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We offer full car tuning
Car tuning is the modification of a car to optimise it for a different set of performance requirements from those it was originally designed to meet. Most commonly this is higher engine performance and dynamic handling characteristics but cars may also be altered to provide better fuel economy, or smoother response. The goal when tuning is the improvement of a vehicle's overall performance in response to the user's needs. Often, tuning is done at the expense of emissions performance, component reliability and occupant comfort.
  • Engine tuning
  • Suspension tuning
  • Body tuning
  • Tires
  • Audio
  • Interior
  • Detuning

Tuning a car engine requires an experienced eye, ear, and engine knowledge. Many people like to get hands-on with tuning their cars and treat it as a DIY project. If you are considering tuning your car engine, we have some guidelines you should contemplate before getting started!

Suspension tuning allows us to adapt a car’s performance characteristics to fit specific driving conditions and preferences. Whether aiming for better lap times on the track, improved off-road capabilities, or a more comfortable daily drive, carefully chosen adjustments can provide the desired balance of performance, handling, and ride quality.

Body tuning is performed to get a better appearance and aerodynamic performance. It ranges from car paint to replacing parts with body kits. It is the process of modifying the structure or design of a vehicle’s body. Body tuning includes adding spoilers, diffusers, air dams, and other aerodynamic components to improve downforce and reduce drag.

Wheels and tire tuning involve upgrading the wheels and tires on a car to improve handling and performance. This can be achieved by installing larger or wider wheels or upgrading to high-performance tires. This is one of the most overlooked ways to improve your vehicle’s performance without needing to modify the engine.

When tuning and customizing a vehicle, many think primarily of the exterior of their car. However, there are also many ways to customize the interior of his vehicle to his liking ennoble can. The range of customization options is similar in interior size as the exterior, with the difference that only the occupants of the vehicle can see the finishes really.

Whether you're a car audio newcomer or a seasoned competitor, there's nothing quite like adding new audio equipment to your vehicle. However, it can be disappointing when your carefully designed system doesn't sound the way you expected it to. But don't lose your cool — spend some time tuning your system before you go back to the drawing board.

Detuning is the process returning a modified car to its original factory status, or reducing its performance in a particular area of tuning. For example, a car may be "detuned" to allow increased traction when the track grip is not sufficient to handle the increased power of the tuned engine.
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