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Car Window Tinting Toronto & North York

Our technicians in Toronto are the best window-tinting experts available with over 26 years of experience installing car window tint and commercial or residential window tint in the Toronto area.

Benefits of Auto Glass Tinting in Toronto:

There are many benefits with auto glass tinting. Benefit of tinting car windows in Toronto is privacy. In Toronto car tinting can be done in shades as low as 5%. Meaning the tint only allows 5% of the light through providing virtual privacy for the occupants in the car. In fact the laws in Ontario are the most lenient in the whole country allowing you to get the darkest shades of auto tinting anywhere. With so much Toronto traffic this means you spend less time being stared at by people stuck in traffic next to you.

Another good reason for drivers in Toronto to get car tinting done is that it reduces glare from the sun, which improves your visibility. And the better you can see the road the safer behind the wheel you are.

Since Toronto receives an average of over 2000 hours of sunshine per year the obvious benefit is keeping the suns harmful Ultra Violet (UV) rays out of your car. Auto window tinting prevents 99% of the suns harmful UV light from entering your car no matter how light or dark the tint is. In fact this aspect of auto window tinting should be reason enough for getting your windows done as the suns UV light not only causes drying and fading of your vehicles interior finishes it is also damaging to your own skin. Just sit in a car in the hot sun and you’ll feel those UV rays slowly burning your skin. Do the same behind tinted windows and the warmth of the sun is there but not the burning sensation of the UV rays. Our dedicated employees will service your car like their own. Being a small business allows us to concentrate on our customers to build strong relationship while providing excellent tinting service.

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